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Fishing the River

The new and improved Brigadoon Lodge is open for business! Please contact us to inquire about fishing and lodging.

Fly Fishing Georgia

orld renowned for 30-plus-inch stream bred trout, Brigadoon Lodge is widely considered to be the most exclusive and beautiful private water on the east coast. The property encompasses an enormous bend in the Soque river and is completely surrounded by the Chattahochee National Forest., thus insuring the ultimate habitat and privacy.

The Lodge is perched right on the bend in the river and faces the breathtaking sheer rock cliffs and caves with it’s beautiful waterfall and springs. The Great Room at Brigadoon has been featured in Southern Living, Field and Stream, Sports Afield, and Delta Sky Magazine among others, as one of the world’s most beautiful lodges.

Fly Fishing Georgia

A Legendary Lodge

April 2012 POINTS NORTH MAGAZINE ByBree Humphries

I zipped my jacket against the breeze coming off the water and snagged a seat by the fire pit on the patio of Brigadoon Lodge. From here I had a prime view of the fishermen in the Soque River, my husband included. Within minutes, he hooked a trout in the cool, clear water, and was wrestling to keep it on the line... more>>

Fly Fishing Georgia

Conservation by the Glass: The Toast of Brigadoon

story by MEGAN ABIGAIL CHANDLER (As seen in the Charleston Mercury)

hen the ripples of the sun's light are tearing through the waning night, Rebekah Stewart finds herself swathed in nubby wool to fight off that North Georgia chill. Breathing in potent sips of fresh coffee, she looks around, with perfect clarity, over the Soque River near Clarkesville. Reeling in the unearthly beauty season to season, she understands that she is propri- etress of a little piece of heaven on earth, never growing tired of this 25-year-long love affair or the grandeur of her work. This is the sort of "work" that transforms a former securities trader into a multi-tasking visionary as she tends a piece of land to which Jimmy Carter and Ted Turner make regular vacation pilgrimages. more>>

Fly Fishing Georgia

March/April Newsletter 2012

Greeting Anglers!
Spring arrived mid February and stayed so everything is beginning to bloom. Bloom = great dry fly fishing. They are a healthy jumping lot and more numerous than ever. Many are jumping right off that hook. As usual the "long distance releases" still out number the fish "to the net" but the leaping and the dancing make the whole effort worth it. Please visit our FaceBook page for up to the minute shots of recent fish that were actually landed in the last month. We had the pleasure of hosting the Trout Legends tournament at Brigadoon and those pros encountered the same landing challenges as the rest of our guests. Read: about 50 % make it to the net. The tournament photos can be seen on our FB page and NGTO. A wonderful time was had by all. more>>

Fly Fishing Georgia

February Newsletter 2012

Hello Anglers Everywhere.
I hope this Newletter finds all of you well and dreaming of Spring fishing. I'd be hard pressed to call the last three mild months Winter. It been downright balmy. Although we've had a handful of "cold" days ie: below 45, we've had many days out of the last 90 that were well into the 60's. Little green shoots are appearing weeks ahead of schedule. I'm quite sure that we can count on a hard freeze at some point in March that will nip all that blooming happiness in the bud. more>>

Fly Fishing Georgia

GUIDELINES By Brigadoon guide Mark Smith.

We just had our first Fall corporate group trip at Brigadoon. 10 Lancope representatives enjoyed 2 evenings at Brigadoon Lodge and two days on the water. Everyone seemed to have a great time away from the office. Everyone caught fish, several 20+ inch fish were landed, many browns, and even one 26" male-pig-of-a-rainbow was netted. Check out some of the photos on our Brigadoon Lodge Facebook page.

Some of the flies that worked for my guys included Montana Prince, WD-40, Rainbow Warriors, and both dark and light Stone Flies. These guys (and gal) set the bar high for good times and great fishing as our first group of the 2011 Fall season. With that, the following is my Brigadoon/Soque River conditions report.


The recent weather conditions are finally contributing some much needed rain and significantly lower air and water temps at Brigadoon and the Soque. With the continuing rainfall and rising water levels, fish are beginning to spread out beyond the deeper holding pools. As for the fish, we have more fish and bigger fish than we expected to have after another hot, dry summer. We also have a noticeable increase in brown trout numbers and every one of these browns seems to be very healthy, full of color, and strong.

We're booking up fast so contact Rebekah to secure your spot before it's too late! As always, feel free to contact us to find out current conditions, productive fly patterns and to clarify anything else you would like to know.

See you on the water.

Tight Lines,


Friends Meet the Myth of Brigadoon Lodge

Trophy Trout and Discerning Hostess Keys to Success
By Charles W. Waring III

The word "STRIKE" lunged across the river just as the line went slack while I watched the silver flash escape. Clearly, I thought, Brigadoon Lodge was no mythical village in the Highlands of Scotland; it was the place that truly delivered. Clarkesville, Georgia's Brigadoon, is natural drama personified and patronized by serious fly fishermen, among them many well-known figures such as Jimmy Carter, Robert Rubin and Ted Turner. Read More!
Fly Fishing Georgia

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“Brigadoon is the best private trout water and habitat in North America”
Ted Turner, Angler of the Year


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